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‘Sapno Ki Chhalaang’ 25th May 2023: Radhika Solves the Riddles

The latest episode of ‘Sapno Ki Chhalaang’ aired on 25th May 2023 saw Radhika using her sharp mind to solve riddles, leading the team to success in the escape room. However, Radhe’s anger towards Suman and Radhika increased, leading to some dramatic moments.

Radhika Solves the Riddles

The episode began with Radhika solving the riddles and leading the team towards success in the escape room. As Suman noticed Radhe’s happiness, he checked Radhika’s location and found out that she was at the office.

Team Worries About Preeti

As the team discussed their success, they also expressed their worries about Preeti’s disappearance and discussed going to the police station. Hema came home and reported a man asking about Preeti, leading Sree to rush to prevent Baldev from entering the building.

Radhika’s Sharp Mind at Work

Radhika used her sharp mind to search for clues and decode riddles. Sahay came to meet Radhika at the office, but she was in Goa with the team. Radhe got angry, but Radhika guessed the name of the person who left a note and led the team out of the escape room.

Drama Unfolds

Radhika received Radhe’s audio message, leading to drama between her and Suman. She called Sree to ask about the location change and saw Preeti coming home, leading her to worry and inform Vaishali. When Radhe answered her call, he scolded her for lying to him.


The episode ended with Radhe and Lavi scolding Radhika, leading to her crying. Priyal expressed her disapproval of Radhika’s presence at ACS. What will happen next?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of ‘Sapno Ki Chhalaang’.

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