“Breaking News: One Theatre in Bengal Shows Kerala Story, Audiences Shocked by Positive Response!”

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‘The Kerala Story’ movie finds success in one theatre in West Bengal

The controversial movie ‘The Kerala Story’ has been banned by the West Bengal government due to fears that it could fan communal passions. However, a cinema hall in Bongaon town in the North 24 Parganas district near the India-Bangladesh border has been screening the movie since May 20, with a disclaimer that the “narratives are based on fictional accounts”. While the movie has struggled to find acceptance in other halls, it has been receiving a good response from the audience in this particular theatre.

Supreme Court ruling sets movie free

On May 18, the Supreme Court set aside the West Bengal government’s ban on the movie. This allowed the movie to be released in the state, though theatre owners have shown reluctance so far.

Mixed reactions from the industry

Ratan Saha, chairman of the exhibition section of the Eastern India Motion Picture Association (EIMPA), stated in an earlier letter to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, “Currently cinema halls are struggling as audiences are not coming to theatres in large numbers. However, ‘The Kerala Story’ had a successful three-day run, giving some relief to the hall owners. So, I request you to make arrangements to facilitate the screening of the film in the state for the interest of cinema.”

On the other hand, the movie’s director, Sudipto Sen, claimed that many hall owners have informed him that they were threatened and asked not to screen the film. He highlighted that the story was meant for viewing on the large screen and will be released on OTT platforms later.

Success in one theatre

Despite the reluctance shown by theatre owners in other halls, the movie has received a positive response from the audience in Sreema Cinema Hall. Satadip Saha, on behalf of the film’s distributors SSR Cinema, said, “The movie is being screened in only one theatre despite us assuring the hall owners that they would not face any legal hurdle if they screen the movie after May 18.”

Moving forward

The EIMPA cannot force hall owners to screen the movie, but distributors are ready if any other hall owner shows interest. The success of the movie in Sreema Cinema Hall could pave the way for more screenings in the state.

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