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Naagin Season 6 20th May 2023 Written Episode Summary

The latest episode of Naagin Season 6 aired on May 20th, 2023, and saw a dramatic turn of events, with Professor Jeet Patel betraying his daughter Prarthana and the nation. Here’s a detailed summary of what happened in the episode:

Professor Jeet Patel’s Betrayal

The episode begins with Professor Jeet Patel pretending to be injured and telling Prarthana that he came to stop Mahek, the naagin. He then shows his true colors and says that she can’t touch the country and that he will kill her. Mahek fights back, and Prarthana fights with her to save her father, with all three characters engaged in a thrilling fight scene. Ultimately, Professor Jeet Patel goes with Prarthana, and Mahek vengefully follows them, planning to kill Professor Jeet Patel.

Mahek’s Plan

In the meantime, Purvika helps Meher with her worries, while Manjeet, Jeet, and Naina bring them food. On the other hand, Ajay and Suwarna are having a romantic dinner when Ajay spots Professor Jeet Patel and Mahek in the same restaurant. He realizes that Mahek plans to kill Professor Jeet Patel and immediately wants to inform Prarthana. Unfortunately, Mahek distracts him, and he misses the call, leading to further chaos.

The Conspiracy Unfolds

Ajay is now being held captive in a cave by Mahek, who assumes his identity. She plans to make Ajay’s death a long and painful process by injecting him with her venom and making him suffer. Suwarna thinks that Ajay has gone for urgent work and leaves the restaurant, unaware of the danger that Ajay is in. In the meantime, Professor Jeet Patel makes an appearance and leaves sandwiches for Prarthana, bringing back memories of their past. Prarthana is suspicious of her father and Ajay’s location, and when Suwarna confronts Mahek, she realizes that Mahek has kidnapped Ajay.

The Race Against Time

Prarthana realizes that they need to plan their next move carefully and find out Mahek’s husband and Ajay’s location. They suspect that the mastermind behind the plan is Prarthana’s father, Rishabh Gujral. They receive a call from a panicked Raghu telling them that the blast is imminent, and they have to act fast to save the country. Prarthana takes charge and decides to take the missile away from the parliament to defuse it. Raghu offers to carry it, but Prarthana insists that it’s her responsibility, and she promises to keep herself safe.

The Cliffhanger

As Prarthana tries to defuse the missile, someone shoots an arrow at her, and she falls down. Jeet Patel appears, and Prarthana pleads with him for help, but he shockingly ignores her and runs towards the missile. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers in suspense about Prarthana’s fate.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Naagin Season 6 was a nail-biting one, with several twists and turns that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The upcoming episodes promise even more drama and intrigue, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next.

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