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Radha Mohan Written Episode: Radha’s Struggle to Survive in Cold Storage

Radha is Trapped in Cold Storage for Hours

Radha has been trapped in the cold storage for hours now, and she is getting weaker by the moment. With seven to eight hours left until the morning shift starts, she is shivering and trying to keep herself awake.

Mohan Advises Everyone to Keep Their Eyes Open

Mohan advises everyone to keep their eyes open and first go to the office to look for Radha. He warns them to be alert and not trust anyone, including Kadambari, whom he believes is capable of doing a lot even while staying in the house. Gungun also wants to come with him, but Mohan insists that she stay back to handle everything and keep an eye on Damini.

Radha Remembers Gungun and the Chocolate She Gave Her

As Radha struggles to stay conscious amid the cold and hunger, she remembers Gungun and the chocolate she gave her. She tries to reach for her bag, where she kept the chocolate, but is getting too dizzy and weak to move quickly. She thinks about what a caring friend Gungun is and wishes she were with her now.

Gungun Prays for Radha’s Safe Return

Gungun is sitting at home, worried sick for Radha’s safety. She prays to Bihari jee to protect Radha and bring her back home safely. Kadambari notices how tense Gungun and Damini are and tries to get Gungun to eat something.

Mohan and Ketki Try to Contact Radha

Mohan and Ketki are in the car trying to contact Radha, but her phone is still switched off. Kadambari calls Mohan and informs him about Gungun’s condition. Mohan requests to speak to Gungun and convinces her to eat something, assuring her that he too is eating the snacks in his car.

Radha’s Hope for Mohan and Gungun’s Care

As Radha sits in the cold storage, she hopes that Mohan and Gungun are taking care of themselves and each other. She is confident that they will do everything in their power to find her and bring her back home.

Radha’s struggle for survival in the cold storage continues, but the care and concern of her loved ones provide her with the strength to keep fighting for her life.

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