“Breaking News! Kundali Bhagya takes a wild turn as Rajveer suggests to Palki to call off her wedding. Prepare to be shocked and stunned!”

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2023: Rajveer Confesses His Feelings to Palki

Preeta and Rajveer attend Ketan and Palki’s engagement ceremony where they dance and rejoice together. However, Rajveer cannot control his emotions and keeps staring at Palki. Later, he confesses his feelings to Mohit and Gurpreet, but wants to keep it a secret.

The Engagement Ceremony

  • Preeta and Rajveer attend Ketan and Palki’s engagement ceremony.
  • They dance and rejoice together, but Rajveer cannot control his emotions.
  • He keeps staring at Palki and confesses his feelings to Mohit and Gurpreet.

Confessing His Feelings

  • Rajveer confesses his feelings for Palki to Mohit and Gurpreet.
  • He wants to keep it a secret and not reveal it to anyone.
  • Gurpreet catches Rajveer staring at Palki, making him nervous.

A Moment of Tenderness

  • While fixing the lights, Rajveer and Palki share a moment of tenderness.
  • Rajveer compliments Palki and wipes away her tears.
  • They both stare at each other, unable to look away.

Preeta’s Advice

  • Preeta advises Rajveer to not leave love behind, even if it means risking everything.
  • She believes that Palki is made for him, but Rajveer denies his feelings.
  • Preeta is shocked by his response.

In the next episode, we will see how Rajveer’s denial affects his relationship with Palki and his loved ones.

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