“Breaking News: Kerala Takes Over Hollywood with ‘The Kerala Story’ Raking in Rs 190 Cr and NTR Jr Drops Hint of ‘War 2’ Involvement!”

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The Kerala Story crosses Rs. 190 crore mark, Jr NTR hints at starring in ‘War 2’

Sudipto Sen’s latest release ‘The Kerala Story’ continues to dominate the box office even after two weeks of its release.

The movie has managed to collect an impressive Rs. 187.32 crore in total and is projected to cross the Rs. 190 crore mark by the end of its third weekend. This has set a new benchmark in the industry.

While the movie has been receiving rave reviews and accolades for its excellent storytelling, there is another news that has piqued the interest of the fans.

Jr NTR to star in ‘War 2’ with Hrithik Roshan?

An indirect confirmation on Twitter

Jr NTR, who was rumoured to be starring in the sequel of ‘War’ with Hrithik Roshan, has given an indirect confirmation in a tweet. Although the tweet did not mention anything about the movie, the fans were quick to connect the dots.

The tweet reads, “When you combine your hard work, patience, and determination, success finds you!”

This has sent the fans into a frenzy and they cannot wait to see NTR Jr and Hrithik Roshan set the screen on fire.

The future looks bright for Bollywood

With ‘The Kerala Story’s’ success, Bollywood’s box office has got off to a great start in 2023. The movie has proved that content is indeed king and if done right, it can work wonders at the box office.

The audience is looking forward to more such movies with engaging stories and stellar performances.

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