“Breaking News: Ishaan Khatter Auditions for Hollywood Film, Doubts He’ll Make the Cut – Read to Find Out Why!”

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Ishaan Khatter makes his Hollywood debut with ‘The Perfect Couple’


Indian actor Ishaan Khatter is set to make his international OTT debut in Hollywood with ‘The Perfect Couple’. The series is an official adaptation of writer Elin Hilderbrand’s eponymous novel. Khatter will be starring alongside Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman, Liev Schreiber, and Dakota Fanning.

Breaking Stereotypes

Khatter is excited about the role as it will allow him to break stereotypes around Indians in the West. “Layered representation is important to reduce stereotyping but that’s not only the responsibility of the writer or creator but also an actor who chooses to represent the written material,” says Khatter. He also adds that his character in the series will push him as a performer and let him explore a different side of himself.

The Perfect Plot

The story revolves around Nicole Kidman’s character, a mother who is planning a wedding for her son. However, the wedding gets halted due to a murder. Khatter will be seen in the role of the groom’s best friend.

Exciting Cast and Crew

Khatter is thrilled to work alongside big names from Hollywood, including Kidman, Schreiber, and Fanning. He gushes, “It feels great, it’s always wonderful to play with an exciting cast and it’s keeping me on my toes in the best way. They certainly are very talented and experienced artistes on the show, not only in the cast but also behind the scenes, and I’m also very glad to be working with a director as assured and creative as Susanne Bier.”

Auditioned for the Role

Khatter did not inherit the role but instead auditioned for it. He urges people not to label the series as conventional or otherwise yet since there is not enough information available.


Khatter’s international debut with ‘The Perfect Couple’ will allow him to break stereotypes while exploring himself as a performer. He is excited to work with an experienced and talented cast and crew, including Hollywood veterans Kidman, Schreiber, and Fanning.

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