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Pandya Store 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Arushi’s Plan Backfires, Dhara and Team on a Mission

The 21st May 2023 episode of Pandya Store begins with Arushi confessing to Raavi that she never had an interest in Shiva, and her sole motivation in accepting his alliance was to teach a lesson to her mother. Raavi is taken aback by this revelation but agrees to help Arushi as long as she can regain Shiva’s memory and win his affection back. Meanwhile, Gautam prepares Chiku for school, but they discover that Dhara, Krish, and Prerna are missing. Shivank suspects that they might be trying to foil Shweta’s plan.

A Disguised Mission For Dhara, Krish, and Prerna

Dhara, Krish, and Prerna disguised themselves as medical vigilance officers to enter the hospital. Their aim was to interrogate the doctors about Shweta’s reports. While the nurse informs them that the doctors are in the pathology lab, Krish explains that doctors often make errors in reports. Meanwhile, Raavi sets up a plan to trigger Shiva’s memory by recreating their first meeting. Dev helps her, but their plan gets thwarted by Shiva’s suspicion and anger.

Tension at the Hospital

At the hospital, the team scares the doctors with the false accusation of medical fraud and demands answers about Shweta’s reports. The head doctor denies any wrongdoing, but they manage to get a blood sample that may hold the truth. However, their plan hits a snag when a patient’s father demands to know their identities, leaving them on the back foot.


As the episode comes to a close, Dhara’s team faces another hurdle when Shivank arrives on the scene. Krish tries to distract him, while Dhara speaks to the head doctor, but the situation remains tense.

In conclusion, Pandya Store has built up a gripping storyline with multiple subplots that keep the audience engaged. Will Dhara and the team find the evidence they need to out Shweta’s plan? Will Raavi succeed in triggering Shiva’s memory? Tune in to the next episode to find out.

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