“Breaking News: Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei’s Lakshay Khurana Actually Found Love in Real Life – You Won’t Believe Who He’s Marrying!”

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Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei fame Lakshay Khurana on marrying the love of his life

Popular television actor Lakshay Khurana, best known for his role in Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei, tied the knot with his girlfriend Shreya in a grand wedding ceremony on February 26. The actor recently opened up about his marriage and shared details of their beautiful journey together.

The Wedding: Lavish, Well-Planned & Perfect

In a recent interview, Lakshay Khurana spoke about his wedding day, which he described as a beautiful affair. The couple had been dating for nine years and had supported each other through thick and thin. Lakshay revealed that the initial plan was to keep the wedding simple and low-key, but later they decided to go all out and make it a grand affair.

Here are some highlights of their special day:

  • A lavish wedding with a gathering of about 700 guests
  • The couple spent all their savings to make it a top-notch event
  • The wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love, relationship, and journey together of 9 years

    A Special Gift for His Bride

Lakshay Khurana’s gesture for his wife was as special as their wedding day. When asked about any gift for his wife, he said, “The wedding was itself a special gift to my wife.” Initially, their parents weren’t too supportive of the decision to get married, but later, they all came on board and it turned out to be a memorable event in their lives.

Future Plans: Focusing on Work and Planning a Dream Honeymoon

As of now, the couple is focusing on their respective careers and planning their dream honeymoon. Lakshay is back to work after the wedding and focusing on his acting career. He shared that they are currently saving up for their honeymoon destination, and want to make sure they pick a perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

Love Story of Lakshay and Shreya

Lakshay Khurana and Shreya met each other in Delhi through common friends and started dating in 2014. The couple fell in love and supported each other through thick and thin, leading to their grand wedding.

In Conclusion,

Lakshay Khurana’s wedding day was a beautiful celebration of his and Shreya’s relationship, journey together, and love for each other. After spending nine years together, the couple decided to tie the knot and make it a grand affair. The actor is now focusing on his career while saving up for a dream honeymoon with his wife.

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