“Breaking News: Bindiya refuses to back down in Suhaagan 22nd May 2023 update – You won’t believe what happens next!”

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“Suhaagan 22nd May 2023: Bindiya Faces Struggles as She Starts Her Journey to School”

In the latest episode of Suhaagan, Bindiya faces challenges as she begins her journey to school. Despite being ridiculed by Phoolwati and struggling to balance household chores along with her studies, Bindiya remains determined to succeed.

First Day Jitters

  • Bindiya shares her first-day experience with Master ji, who listens intently.
  • Payal continues to struggle with Rekha’s unreasonable demands.

A Difficult Choice

  • Bindiya reveals Payal’s situation to Master ji and decides to let her stay there.
  • Rekha unleashes her wrath on Payal and demands complete obedience.

Perseverance and Determination

  • Bindiya continues to work tirelessly to complete her household chores and attend school.
  • Payal attempts to escape Rekha’s clutches and return home.

As Bindiya faces various challenges on her journey to education, viewers watch as she perseveres with determination and grit. Will Payal be able to escape Rekha’s grasp and join Bindiya on her journey to success? Tune in to the next episode of Suhaagan to find out.

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