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Dheere Dheere Se 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhawna Apologizes to Dimple

The episode starts with Bhanu asking Bhawna to give the begging pot. Bhawna gives it to him. Dimple confronts Abhi and asks why he is not picking up the call. Abhi says he is embarrassed after whatever his papa has done. Bhawna calls Dimple and asks her to meet her. Dimple agrees. She asks Abhi if she should tell her about them. Abhi says not now. Dimple meets Bhawna. Bhawna apologizes to Dimple for whatever Bhanu has done.

Babu Ji Wants to Change House Rules

Babu ji asks for his medicine. Malini says she has brought it. Babu ji taunts her, saying, “Where is my badi bahu?” Malini says she used to do all the things, but since Bhawna came, she took over all the work. Babu ji tells that he wants to change the house rules and asks the ladies of the house to sit and have food with everyone. Malini misses Bhanu and tells Abhi, “Don’t know if he got any charity or not.”

Aarushi Misbehaves with Bhawna

Aanchal tries to stop Aarushi from going for modeling. Aarushi is about to go, but Bhawna stops her and asks her to give her phone. Aarushi misbehaves with Bhawna. Vidya comes there and slaps Aarushi. Amit comes there. Aarushi complains to him about Bhawna and Vidya. Vidya tells him that Aarushi is doing modeling. He refuses to believe her and lets her go after scolding Vidya.

Dimple Gets Shocked with Marriage Proposal

Brij Mohan’s friend Vinod Sharma and his wife come to his house. They see Dimple and propose their son Shekhar’s marriage with Dimple. Brij Mohan agrees. Dimple hears and gets shocked. Abhi asks her why she couldn’t refuse. She says she can’t. Abhi sees Swati and hides with her. He later convinces her to talk to Bhawna. Raghav comes to Bhawna’s workshop to meet her. Bhawna comes there.

Dimple and Abhi Plan to Elope

Dimple and Abhi tell them about their love. Dimple plans to elope with Abhi, and they do. Raghav and Bhawna are going in the car, searching for them. Malini tells that Bhawna was infuriated when Bhanu asked her to follow widow customs and tells that she has found the lover.

Stay tuned to know what happens next in Dheere Dheere Se.

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