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Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled love…Part 3: The Trap

Kavya and Ashwat meet again, but with a twist

A chance encounter at a performance brings Kavya face to face with Pratham, the same guy she had been chatting with over phone, but had mistaken him for Ashwat. However, their brief meeting is interrupted by Ashwat’s arrival, who had come searching for Kavya’s lost phone in the crowd.

  • Ashwat saves Kavya from being alone at a new place.
  • Pratham confesses his admiration for Kavya, but soon finds out she is with Ashwat.
  • Kavya and Ashwat spend time together, but feel uncomfortable with Pratham following them.

As Ashwat and Kavya spend time together, they notice that Pratham has been constantly following them. They suspect that he could be a kidnapper, but their fears come true when they are suddenly attacked by Yamini, Ashwat’s step-sister, who reveals her true, sinister nature.

  • Kavya and Ashwat are attacked by Yamini, who is actually a demon.
  • Yamini reveals that she had been manipulating Ashwat to trap Kavya.
  • Kavya’s fairy powers are weakened by a medicine added to her ice cream.

Yamini reveals that she had been manipulating Ashwat all along, making him call Kavya and bring her to an isolated place, so that she could trap her. She reveals that Kavya’s fairy powers make her a valuable target, and had been weakened by a medicine in her ice cream.

  • Yamini plans to eat Kavya to gain more power.
  • Ashwat is made to be a motionless slave by Yamini’s magic.

Yamini plans to eat Kavya to gain more power, and reveals that Ashwat had been made into her motionless slave by her magic. As Kavya faces a dangerous situation, will she be able to escape from Yamini’s clutches?

Note: This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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