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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi’s Birthday Celebration

The latest episode of the popular TV show Kumkum Bhagya features Shahana approaching Khushi and asking her to let Prachi celebrate her birthday. In this episode, Khushi expresses her desire to celebrate her first birthday with Shiv and not separate Prachi from herself.

Shahana’s Special Request

As the episode starts, Shahana tells Khushi that Prachi used to miss her and her life had stopped after she left. She assures Khushi that she wants to celebrate her birthday and wants to see her happy, giving her all the happiness of all years. Shahana then requests Khushi to let Prachi celebrate her birthday and not separate her from herself.

Khushi’s Birthday Celebration Plans

Khushi expresses her willingness to celebrate her first birthday and wants Shiv to be there with her. She further adds that she wants to celebrate her birthday with both Prachi and Shiv and not separate them. Shahana suggests calling Ranbir for the celebrations, and Khushi prefers to have the whole family over for her birthday party.

Balbira’s Evil Plans

Meanwhile, Balbira plans to kill Prachi and leave before the police can catch him. However, his plans are disrupted by a junior magician who enters wearing his uniform. Balbira tries to warn him of his intentions, but the junior magician doesn’t believe him and hits him with a brick, knocking him unconscious.

Ranbir Accepts the Invite

Shahana calls Ranbir to invite him for Khushi’s birthday celebration, and he accepts the invitation. Khushi decides to celebrate her birthday with Prachi, Shiv, and the whole family.

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Note: This is a written episode update and is subject to change as per the storyline. The update credit goes to H Hasan.

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