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Dadi motivates Dua to fight back against Gazal in Rabb Se Hai Dua

In the latest episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua, Dadi motivates Dua to fight back and stop the destruction caused by Gazal. She urges Dua to be strong like a Gazal and throw her out of the house. Dua is hesitant at first, but Dadi reminds her that the fight for truth never ends. With Dadi’s encouragement, Dua decides to take on her enemies and use her anger to challenge them.

Here are some key moments from the episode:

  • Dadi tells Dua that people don’t let weak people live, so she has to be strong and play like Gazal.
  • Dua initially feels like she has lost the fight, but Dadi reminds her that it’s never too late to fight back.
  • Gazal overhears Dadi and Dua’s conversation, and vows to break them down.
  • Haider confesses to Hamida that he made a mistake, but Gazal convinces him to keep it a secret from everyone.
  • Hamida asks Haider to divorce Gazal, but he is unable to make a decision between her and Dua.
  • Gazal hides in Dua’s cupboard and plans to harm her mother, but is interrupted by Hamida’s arrival.
  • The episode ends with Dua hearing a noise outside her room.

Dua’s determination to fight back against Gazal’s tyranny is inspiring, and it will be interesting to see how she plans to take on her enemies. With Hamida standing by her side, Dua can hopefully overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Will Haider make the right decision and divorce Gazal? Stay tuned for the next episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua to find out.

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