“Breaking News: Agnisakshi takes drama to a whole new level as Jeevika yet again prepares to leave – You won’t believe what happens next!”

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Rajnandini helps Supriya in getting rid of Jeevika

The latest episode of Agnisakshi witnessed Rajnandini and Supriya conspiring against Jeevika. The duo managed to convince Jeevika to leave the house and informed her that Satvik, his money, and house would be Supriya’s after her departure.

  • Supriya shares the news of Jeevika’s exit with Rajnandini
  • Shlok comforts Jeevika after her decision to leave
  • Rajnandini secures the deal with Jeevika out of the picture
  • Satvik spends time with Jeevika and brings her bangles
  • Supriya gets jealous of their closeness
  • Jeevika force-feeds Satvik sweets on his birthday, upsetting Supriya

Jeevika and Satvik spent some quality time together before her departure. They went to the market, and Satvik surprised her with bangles. However, Supriya got jealous of their closeness and expressed her anger.

Later, Jeevika celebrated Satvik’s birthday with a game where they left their hand impressions on paper. However, Supriya’s jealousy peaked when Jeevika force-fed Satvik sweets.

In conclusion, the current episode of Agnisakshi showcased how Rajnandini helped Supriya in getting rid of Jeevika and how it affected the other characters.

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