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Meet Finds Clues About Chiku’s Missing Status

In the latest update of the 20th May 2023 episode of the show, Meet gets a shock when a missing child complaint filed by Chiku’s parents leads the inspector to her doorstep. While they claim to be his parents, Meet is suspicious and decides to investigate further. Here’s all that happened in the episode:

Inspector’s Visit

  • Inspector comes from the police station with a complaint from Chiku’s parents about their missing child.
  • Meet notices that Chiku is scared and hugs him to calm him down.
  • Meet tries to find evidence before handing over the child.

DNA Test and Suspicions

  • Meet and Chiku’s parents discuss the case and realize he’s scared of staying with them.
  • Meet suggests a DNA test to be sure of their relationship before letting him go.
  • The inspector agrees but says they cannot force the parents to take it.

Sarkar’s Anger

  • Gunwanti offers Chiku’s parents milk, but Sarkar complains that Meet took everything for her guests.
  • Jasodha defends Meet, saying she’s just trying to help an orphan child.
  • Sarkar throws a glass and expresses his anger towards Meet for taking away his son.

Meet’s Investigation

  • Meet gives Chiku milk, but he refuses to drink it.
  • Meet realizes Chiku is scared even after seeing his mother and investigates further.
  • Meet catches Sumeet hiding in the cupboard, trying to calm Chiku down.

The episode ends with Sumeet locked inside the cupboard, wondering how to get out. Meet vows to not let Chiku go into the wrong hands and finds clues to his mysterious disappearance.

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