“Brand Bollywood Downunder’ trailer: The ultimate guide to Australian wildlife and Outback adventure!”

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Anupam Sharma’s ‘Brand Bollywood Downunder’ sheds light on the love affair between Indian cinema and Australia

Australian filmmaker Anupam Sharma’s latest documentary ‘Brand Bollywood Downunder’ offers a rare insight into the ‘bollywoodisation’ and globalisation of Indian cinema, and its 89-year-old love affair with Australia. The filmmaker takes audiences on a journey through the biggest Bollywood films shot in Australia, exploring the successes and failures of the industry’s rise as a serious subculture in the country.

The film’s key features

Shot across locations including Australia, India, France, UK, and Switzerland, the film features some of the biggest Bollywood stars and creatives. The documentary provides a behind-the-scenes look at major Bollywood films shot in Australia and their production stories. The film showcases Bollywood’s impact on Australia, with vibrant colours and stunning landscapes to keep audiences captivated throughout.

Production and Release

Anupam Sharma wrote the film with editor Karen Steininger and produced it alongside Claire Haywood and Deepti Sachdeva. The film boasts executive producers in Lisa Duff and Janine Barnes. Produced by Temple Productions, the film will release theatrically through Forum Films in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, and Fiji, following screenings in and around Australia accompanied by panel discussions. Fans of Indian cinema and Australian cinephiles alike can mark their calendars with bated breath for the upcoming premiere, whose date is yet to be confirmed.

Anupam Sharma’s ‘Brand Bollywood Downunder’ promises to enthrall audiences with its exploration of the powerhouse that is Indian cinema and its unexpected impact on Australian culture. The film sheds light on the mutual adoration shared between two disparate nations and cultures, bridged by love for storytelling and cinema. This latest addition to Sharma’s work is sure to make waves across the world with its impeccable production and subject matter.

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