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Jammu and Kashmir revives relationship with Bollywood after four decades

The Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir has revived its relationship with Bollywood after almost four decades, according to UT Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha. Speaking at the G20 third working group meeting on tourism, he said that Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing a new era that has opened limitless possibilities of growth and peace. Sinha added that foreign investments are now coming into Jammu and Kashmir, and the people are looking forward to better times ahead.

Film policy launched to attract more investment

Sinha said that the UT has launched a film policy in 2021 to attract more investment into the film sector and to make Jammu and Kashmir the most popular film shooting destination. He emphasized that this will help to revive the relationship with Bollywood and open up more job opportunities for the youth of the region.

Limitless opportunities for growth and development

With its natural beauty and unique environment, Jammu and Kashmir has the potential to become a hub for tourists and filmmakers. Sinha believes that the film policy will help to make Jammu and Kashmir a popular destination for film shoots, thus attracting more tourists and generating employment opportunities. He also added that the government is committed to the development of the region and is focused on building infrastructure and improving the quality of life.


The revival of the relationship between Jammu and Kashmir and Bollywood after four decades is a significant step forward for the UT’s film industry. The film policy launched in 2021 will not only attract more investment but will also open up new job opportunities for the youth. As Jammu and Kashmir continues to develop and modernize, the UT will become an attractive destination for tourists and filmmakers, opening up limitless possibilities of growth and development.

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