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“Meyebela” mesmerizes audience with its tribute to Rabindranath Tagore

A popular TV series celebrating the writer’s birth anniversary

The Star Jalsha’s popular TV series “Meyebela” has recently paid homage to Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary. The show has received rave reviews from audiences for its portrayal of Tagore’s characters and themes, bringing them to life on the small screen. While the writer is revered across Bengal and his work has been adapted into numerous TV shows, “Meyebela” stands out for its authentic portrayal of Tagore’s writing.

Captivating performances and attention to detail

The TV series has highlighted the importance of attention to detail while portraying Tagore’s characters. Each character in “Meyebela” has been brought to life with convincing performances by the actors who play them. The show has also used the writer’s original clothing motifs, with characters appearing in costumes featuring blue, white, and green, as well as elements of nature, including leaves and flowers.

A tribute to Tagore’s literary universe

“Meyebela” stands unique, portraying Tagore’s characters and stories in a way that resonates with audiences. With Bengal’s rich literary heritage, it is difficult to depict Tagore’s characters accurately. However, the show has captured the essence of his literary universe, making “Meyebela” a great tribute to the writer.

Positive feedback from viewers

Viewers on social media have praised the show for its portrayal of the writer’s birth anniversary and the characters in his writing. One user on social media wrote, “This is the first time any Bangla TV series has paid such good homage to Rabindranath Tagore. Kudos to the team behind “Meyebela” for doing such an excellent job.”


As this TV series demonstrates, Tagore’s work continues to resonate with audiences. Through its commitment to bringing the writer’s characters to life on screen, “Meyebela” does a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of Tagore’s writing. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves Tagore’s literature or is interested in Bengal’s rich cultural heritage.

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