“Angad gets *mind-blowing* advice from Akaal in latest episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan… you won’t BELIEVE what happens next!”

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Sardarni Sahiba Kaur Brar Saves the Day at Brar Jewelers

On the latest episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan aired on May 17th, 2023, viewers witnessed Sardarni Sahiba Kaur Brar, wife of Angad at Brar Jewelers, showcase her prowess in business and win over clients with her middle-class charm.

Stumbling Block for Angad
Angad, the head of Brar Jewelers, faced a massive setback in his business when one of his clients backed out of a 100 crore rs deal citing personal issues stemming from Angad’s personal problems being reflected in his business.

Sahiba to the Rescue
Sahiba Kaur Brar intervened and showcased how Brar Jewelers catered to every class of society and how they could create designs that both middle-class and elite customers could afford. Her pitch hit the right note and the client approved. Another impressed client even asked for a sample design from Sahiba by the next day.

Angad’s Vile Behaviour
Despite Sahiba’s success, Angad showed his disgust for middle-class designs and shouted at her for revealing their design capabilities to the client. Sahiba, with her head held high, served him food and made him eat by stuffing food in his mouth.

Akaal Comes to the Rescue
During dinner, the family discussed how much the company’s reputation was affected by the 100 crore rs deal cancellation. Akaal, the patriarch of the family, stated that Sahiba’s convincing win proved her innocence and demanded that Sahiba be shifted to Angad’s room instead of keeping her confined in a store room.

Sahiba Kaur Brar showed that her middle-class upbringing could indeed prove to be a secret weapon in a luxury business, leaving viewers in awe and waiting for more.

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