“Amrit falls for Ajooni and Rajveer’s cunning plan in shocking turn of events- you won’t believe what happens next in the latest Ajooni episode!”

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Rajveer and Ajooni’s Quest for a Gift: A Written Update of Ajooni’s Episode on May 24, 2023

Scene 1: The Dilemma

Rajveer is hesitant to attend Shanky’s pooja as he doesn’t have money to buy a gift for his sister, Dolly. Ajooni comes up with an idea to gift Dolly her gold earrings.

  • Rajveer and Ajooni discuss the possibility of attending Shanky’s pooja.
  • Rajveer shares his dilemma of not having money to buy Dolly a gift.
  • Ajooni offers her gold earrings to Rajveer to gift to Dolly.
  • Rajveer agrees to go with Ajooni to Shanky’s pooja.

Scene 2: The Pooja

Tajendra, Shanky’s father, stops Rajveer and Ajooni from attending the pooja. However, they still make their way to the house.

  • Rajveer and Ajooni reach Shanky’s house despite objections from Tajendra.
  • Dolly is happy to see them and does Rajveer’s aarti.
  • Shanky stops Dolly and suggests that she do his aarti instead.
  • Ajooni defends Rajveer’s right as Dolly’s brother and convinces Dolly to continue doing Rajveer’s aarti.

The Gift Dilemma Resolved

Amrit, Shanky’s mother, had taken Ajooni’s earrings and not returned them. However, Ajooni was doubtful of Amrit’s story and had a backup plan.

  • A flashback shows how Ajooni had arranged for a gold set to gift Dolly.
  • Amrit returns Ajooni’s earrings after mistakenly taking them with her.
  • Rajveer gifts Dolly with Ajooni’s earrings.

The Precap

Tajendra reveals that Shanky is his son and not Ravindra’s. Kaviri records the conversation and goes to show the video to Ajooni.

  • Tajendra discloses that Shanky is his son, not Ravindra’s.
  • Kaviri records the conversation.
  • She tries to show the video to Ajooni.

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