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Shahid Kapoor teams up with Ali Abbaz Zafar for ‘Bloody Daddy’

Shahid Kapoor and Ali Abbaz Zafar, two stalwarts of the Indian film industry, have come together for their latest offering called ‘Bloody Daddy’. As the makers launched the movie trailer, both Shahid and Ali reminisced about their long association, which began before they entered the industry, making this film even more special for them.

The background story

At the trailer launch event, Shahid revealed that he has known Ali for many years, even before he became a director. He had seen firsthand Ali’s desire to make something good, and his frustration when things didn’t go his way. However, from that time to now, Shahid has been proud of Ali’s achievements, including his successful directorial career, family, and personal life, which he considers beautiful.

The connection

Shahid is elated that Ali doesn’t compromise on his work as a director and always puts the character first. Ali spoke about the director-actor relationship he shares with Shahid and Salman Khan, saying he always prioritizes character, which is why his combos with both actors have always been successful. Even when Ali created action films with Salman, the character came first, followed by the actor. This is how Ali has always worked with Shahid as well.

The new offering

‘Bloody Daddy’ is based on a French film, ‘Sleepless Night’. Shahid’s character is a star who does action in a new and unique way. The film’s storyline is designed to ensure that the character lives on and penetrates more than just the stardom. ‘Bloody Daddy’ is not just about beating up the villain; even the hero takes a few hits, making it more realistic.

The release

‘Bloody Daddy’ is set to be released on June 9, giving fans something to look forward to. Ali and Shahid’s collaboration is sure to create some fireworks on-screen, making it well worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

‘Bloody Daddy’ is an ode to the new-age star and the director’s style, with a unique storyline that promises to captivate audiences. With Shahid Kapoor starring in the film, it’s sure to bring in a strong fan following, and we can’t wait to see Ali and Shahid’s on-screen chemistry.

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