“Ahilya Bai meets Hari Pant in the most boring episode yet – or so we thought! You won’t believe what happens next…”

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai: Ahilya Seeks the Help of Madhav Acharya to Solve Malerao’s Problem

In the latest episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, Ahilya faces a new challenge when Malerao is stopped by the guards and vendors make fun of his poverty. Meanwhile, Mukta tries to apologize to Yashwant for her mistakes.

Here are the key highlights of the episode:

  • The man asks Ahilya when will things get better, and she assures him that it will happen soon. The people chant her name.
  • Ahilya stops Narmada and asks why she didn’t tell her about Anubhuti before. Narmada apologizes and expresses her concern about how they will solve the problem.
  • Malerao gets angry at the man who scolds him and asks how he can get money when he has left the palace. The vendors try to fool him again.
  • Ahilya seeks the help of Madhav Acharya, Banaras’ pandit, who knows everything about Malwa. Gangoba introduces him to Ahilya and requests him to help them.
  • Madhav offers to make Malwa Kundali and help Ahilya solve her problems. Ahilya agrees and asks Gangoba to do the best for him.
  • Yashwant receives a call from Ahilya and goes to the darbar immediately. Ahilya asks all darbaris to be present in the darbar, and Hari looks on.

Overall, the episode shows how Ahilya continues to face various challenges in her role as the queen, but she seeks the help of experts like Madhav Acharya to solve them. Mukta also learns the importance of apologizing and taking responsibility for her mistakes.

Stay tuned for the next update to see how Ahilya and Madhav Acharya work together to solve Malerao’s problem and help the people of Malwa.

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