“Adah Sharma Breaks Silence on Her Next Film, But Who Needs More Blockbusters Anyway?”

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Adah Sharma’s The Kerala Story Leads as Most Successful Female Hero Film in Hindi

Adah Sharma’s latest film, The Kerala Story, has made her the most successful female hero in Hindi films. However, the actress is already looking forward to her next project, The Game Of Girgit, where she plays the role of a cop. The film is about a controversial app that caused quite a stir a few years ago known as the Blue Whale app. Below, we take a closer look at Adah’s upcoming film, The Game Of Girgit, and what she has planned for the future.

The Game Of Girgit: A Cool Film Based on the Blue Whale App

In The Game Of Girgit, Adah Sharma plays the role of a cop in a film that is based on the infamous Blue Whale app. The app caused widespread panic and concern when it emerged as a trend years ago. However, Adah’s film is a different take on the topic and is sure to be well-received by audiences. The film is set to release soon on an OTT platform.

Adah’s Other Upcoming Projects

While filming for The Kerala Story, Adah was also busy working on two other films. One of the films features Darsheel Safary, who starred in Taare Zameen Par, and is described as a strange thriller that is both fun and creepy. Adah worked on the other film last August in Bhopal.

Celebrating a Birthday to Remember

Adah Sharma celebrated her birthday on the 11th of May, and the actress admitted that she received more attention than ever before. With her success in The Kerala Story and upcoming roles in The Game Of Girgit and other films, it’s no surprise that Adah Sharma is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood.


Adah Sharma’s success in The Kerala Story has cemented her position as one of the most successful female heroes in Hindi films. With her upcoming role in The Game Of Girgit and other exciting projects, the actress is sure to continue her winning streak in the years to come.

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