“Actress Vaani Kapoor joins CRUISE to unveil the secret behind VarioQool Ultra AC range – and you won’t believe what happens next!”

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Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor collaborates with Cruise ACs to promote VarioQool Ultra AC range

Cruise, India’s premium air conditioner brand, has collaborated with leading Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor to promote its new VarioQool Ultra AC range. The new range offers a superior and smart cooling experience to customers with best-in-class performance and air purification technologies.

Why Vaani Kapoor was chosen as the face of Cruise ACs?

Roshan Sirohia, Director of Cruise Appliances Pvt Ltd, stated that they chose Vaani Kapoor as the face of Cruise ACs because she embodies qualities they uphold – style, elegance and diversity. She is known for her bold choices and carries a universal appeal, despite playing a variety of roles. Cruise’s cooling solutions also need to be bold in the summer heat and are proven to perform in extreme conditions, whether it’s in your home, office, restaurant or a large ballroom for social gatherings.

What does Vaani Kapoor have to say about her partnership with Cruise ACs?

Vaani Kapoor expressed her happiness about being the face of Cruise ACs and said that they do a truly fantastic job of cooling the soaring temperatures of India’s summers. The new range offers smart and efficient cooling experience to customers and drives them to opt for world-class cooling solutions.

How will the combination of Cruise’s superior technology and Vaani Kapoor’s star power transform air conditioning experience?

With the combination of Cruise’s superior technology and Vaani Kapoor’s star power, the VarioQool Ultra AC range is all set to transform the air conditioning experience for customers across the nation. It’s time to embrace a new era of smart and efficient cooling with Cruise and Vaani Kapoor.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Cruise ACs and Vaani Kapoor offers a unique blend of style, elegance and superior technology, driving customers to opt for world-class cooling solutions.

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